At the beginning of 2019 we were happily toggling along with club comps and the odd BPE when someone at Chorley PS suggested we enter the PAGB adjudications for DPAGB (Distinction). For clarification on these abbreviations see the ‘About’ page.

We thought why not have a go so we contacted the L&CPU our federation as this is the normal protocol as they have to ensure you are eligible. We thought in in April 2019 if we were eligible then the adjudication would have been April 2020. OH NO shock horror gasp we were accepted with an adjudication in Watford in November 2019

Our mentor David Butler (a highly respected photographer and judge both nationally and internationally) a member at Chorley PS was to be our mentor and so the saga began.

We knew straight off that we were struggling for images and this was proven with David’s feedback.

Thence commenced a frenetic assessment and booking of various events, photo shoots and hides throughout the UK in an attempt to find some images. Not only the photo shoots but extensive post processing late into the night.

Scotland ,N. Ireland and UK were travelled in our camper van in an attempt to source these images.

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